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Madonna, holding the Christ Child
Madonna and Christ Child

Raphael Sanzio (Santi)
Madonna, holding the Christ Child
enlarged detail "Sistine Madonna" >>>

Oil on canvas
Gemaldegalerie Alte Meister, Dresden


Some researchers believe that the image of the Virgin Raphael painted from his mistress Margherita Luti. According to art historian Sergei Stam, “In the eyes of Sistine Madonna froze direct openness and credulity, hot love and tenderness, yet alertness and anxiety, anger and horror of human sin; indecision and at the same time the willingness to perform the feat” (to give her son to death).

• Infant Jesus. His forehead is high, and he is not a child, his eyes are serious. However, in their view, we see no edification, no forgiveness, no reconciling comfort … His eyes are opened to the world and he looks with bewilderment and fear. And yet, in the view of Christ is read determination to follow the will of God the Father, the determination to sacrifice himself for the salvation of mankind.

"The Sistine Madonna" was said to be a picture for the Epiphany which in tradition includes the three kings. However Madonna and Christ aren't with the three kings but are hovering on the clouds. The young mother looks innocent, and she is clasping her little son wrapped in her scarf to her breast. Her right cheek is touching his head and I feel that she is confused. She is bare foot and her big and little toes are short which seems unnatural. She is wearing one layer of clothing over another and her dress is thin making her left nipple visible which is rare compared to other works done. The color of hair, eyes and skin of the mother and child are almost similar but the faces lack similarity. The Christ child is bending his right leg and resting his left hand below his knee on the shin.

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