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Alexander Sergeevich Pushkin

Alexander Sergeevich Pushkin


May 26, 1799 - January 27, 1837

Russian poet, Alexander Pushkin was first published in the journal The Messenger of Europe in 1814. Born into a carefree nobility, he was warmly received in literary and liberal circle. In April 1820, his political poems led to his exile to the south of Russia and implication in the Decembrist Uprising of December 14, 1825. He was released from exile when Tsar Nicholas I agreed to act as the personal censor of his works.

Remembered today for his novel in verse, Eugeny Onegin (considered to be an encyclopedia of Russian life), and Boris Godunov, Puskin wrote, among other novels and lyric poems:

The Blackamoor of Peter the Great(1827)
The Tales of Belkin
The Little House in Kolomna
The Avaricious Knight
Mozart and Saliery
The Stone Guest
Feast in the Time of the Plague
The Tale of the Priest and His Workman Balda
The Devils
The Tale of the Golden Cockerel(1834)
The Captain's Daughter(1836)

In a duel with d'Anthes-Heeckeren on January 27, 1837 Pushkin was mortally wounded and died two days later on January 29.

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