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in Latin: Primationes lunae, Interlunium

New Moon - phase of the Moon, the moon connection with the Sun (the ecliptic longitude of the Sun and Moon are the same), ie the Sun, Moon and Earth are on the same line (and the Moon is located between).
At the same time the Moon facing the Earth unlit side and not visible

What's Happening at the New Moon?

The New Moon
If you decide to start a new life, it is better to do it after the new moon, not Monday!
In the new moon the Moon is between the Earth and the Sun, facing the Earth its dark side, and therefore invisible.

During this period, the minimum is expressed everything that Moon rules. Emotion, mood, ability to memorize, the atmosphere in the team, blood pressure - all of this takes place in the new moon through the lowest point. This raises the practical application of knowledge about the lunar cycle: if this or that region, ruled by the Moon, which is already in a weakened state, during the new moon, it can happen a critical decline in activity due to the reduction of energy fullness "lunar" functions throughout the earthly nature .

Since the new moon decreases the pressure of fluids in the body, it can be a difficult period for hypotonics, people with blood pressure and so reduced. Emotional downturn could adversely affect the people who are prone to depression. It is unlikely that in this period can expect high performance and inspiration from the workforce, academic excellence from the classroom, the rapid recovery of the patient.

New moon or a conjunction of the Sun and the Moon - the beginning of the lunar month. It should not be confused with the beginning of the calendar month.Sun in the beginning of the cycle gives the new seeds. These are the days of the symbolic "conception" of the cycle. Moon "pregnant" and growing, comes to light. But in the first two and last two days of the lunar month, the moon is not visible, it does not shine. These days are called days of Hecate, the goddess of darkness and mystery fatality. It is believed that the fate of people born in this period will be strange, inexplicable events. Emotionally, these dark days without the moon appear deeply immersed himself in person, secret fears. The subconscious mind is awakened and dictates its will. People at this time need psychological support. Perhaps the experience of loneliness, pessimism. The second day of the lunar month is dangerous because every word is taken for granted and there is a danger of suggestion.

These days the effects of alcohol more than usual. Increases the risk of catching a bad disease. At the new moon men are more responsive. At this time they are tense, nervous, aggressive, sexually excitable. Much the same can be said about women at the full moon. But, perhaps, the full moon - a poetic time, and so women at the full moon more intuitive, sensual and sensitive.

  New Moon has a hidden or subliminal influence. Children and women are particularly capricious, but at the same time they are easily subject to strict guidelines. Drivers decreases the reaction rate. Symptoms of the disease appears weaker, but weaken and vitality.

Any action taken on the new moon, can be very risky. Start new real projects can cause large unforeseen failures. Beware of promises to take the time and do not make important decisions. Do not make the final choice and make a final commitment.
The employment of new people in the new moon can bring problems later. Avoid the desire to rush into a new relationship, if you meet during the new moon new people. With the new moon is associated element of mystery, later you will learn more about this man.

You can use the new moon to go with the flow and do not initiate anything new. This is a great time for meditation and yoga, personal "inventory" and work on their image. Come up with new ideas, create a list of your desires, dreams and record your thoughts. Go do something inspiring. Go with the flow.


In the new moon at high gravity of the Moon and the Sun mass human becomes less fluid from the head directs downwards and is evenly distributed throughout the body, increases the activity of metabolic processes, increases the number of psychiatric disorders. During this period, good to clean skin as well as feeding produce micronutrients, take warm baths. The fluid at this time is readily absorbed through the skin and enters the deep into the body. At the new moon men are more responsive. They are at this time of aggressive, nervous, often ill heart attack. Women are more responsive to the Full Moon.
In the new moon and in the 1st day - the body is weakened, reduced immunity, a person irritable, easily falls ill; dangerous fatigue, eating spicy and very hot food. In no case do not drink alcohol. These days it is necessary to create positive mental images themselves, but not to destroy. Acute viral diseases begin in the evening near the new moon. At disease disease can delayed for a long time, but the person is required to recover. All dreams - to the delight.

  New-Moon diet
New Moon diet 36 hours
This diet should begin at 18 o'clock on the eve of the new moon and lasts up to 6-7 hours of the following morning. In the menu, vegetable soups and vegetable broth of your choice (you can do both), 4-5 times a day. The soup can be prepared from your favorite vegetables (carrots, potatoes, peppers, beans, roots). Vegetable broth valuable their diuretic properties, but in order to avoid monotony, you can once a day to pamper yourself broth of poultry, meat or fish. Vegetable soups and broths supply the body with minerals. For a more effective impact on weight is better to restrict broth, but in soups contain fiber, which reduces the feeling of hunger.
Result: extensive washing of the body and weight reduction of about 500 g If you use only vegetable broth, then 1 kg.

New Moon diet 6 days
Three days prior to the new moon, and the two following it you eat only raw and cooked vegetables. But keep in mind that, as in the case of the full moon, you are fit diet to their needs. No need to turn the diet torture. The only restriction diet should not last more than 6 days.
Result: The weight loss of 1-3 kg, depending on the duration.
Recommendation of the President of the International Federation and the French society of phyto and aromatherapy practitioner Christian Dyuraffur




Fact: When the moon is directly above you, you weigh less.

The Moon Diet Apparently You Can Lose 6 Pounds in 1 Day
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The Moon Diet Apparently You Can Lose 6 Pounds in 1 Day
You know, if the stars—err, moon—are aligned and all. The Moon Diet, according to devotees (which may or may not include a few A-list celebs, if you listen to the gossip mill), can help you lose up to six pounds in just one day. So if you start on Friday, you’ll be ready to shimmy into that dress the very next day. Here’s how it works:

Choose your plan option. The basic moon diet requires you to stick to the plan on the full or new moon (2 days per month). The extended version requires work during each major phase of the moon (4 days per month).
When it’s time, fast with only water or juice until that phase is over and done with.

So what do you think? Doe the Moon Diet work?

Choose your plan option. The basic moon diet requires you to stick to the plan on the full or new moon (2 days per month). The extended version requires work during each major phase of the moon (4 days per month).
When it's time, fast with only water or juice until that phase is over and done with.
Sounds pretty simple, right? According to moonconnection.com, the moon diet (also appropriately nicknamed the werewolf or lunar diet) works because the moon has an effect on our bodies that is similar to its gravitational pull on the Earth's ocean and rivers. But just because it sounds simple doesn't mean it really works—or that it's a long-term solution. Dawn Jackson Blatner, RD and author of The Flexitarian Diet, says "This is basically a fasting plan, and while it could be true that the moon has some influence on what we weigh since it has to do with gravitational pull, it's not going to be in any large, measurable way. And what you do two to four days in a month will not lead to long-term weight loss, since consistency is the key to success."

Keep in mind that while yes, it is possible to lose six pounds in a day, that's all water weight. Which is regained quickly, as our bodies naturally have a water flux of five or so pounds at any given time. Since this plan has you cut out carbs, Blatner says it can increase the likelihood of water flux—meaning you'll lose more weight—because our bodies hold on to water when we eat carbs.

Nonetheless, you'll gain it all back in 24 to 48 hours from when you stop fasting, says Blatner. Which is depressing, and can have a serious effect on your self confidence. "When you're continuously trying and failing at long-term weight loss because of these fad diets, it takes a toll on your self-esteem," says Blatner. Instead, try implementing more weight loss strategies into your daily life—ones that have been proven to work in the long run—so that they become a healthy habit. Blatner suggests these four "food rules" whenever weight loss—or weight maintenance–is the goal:

Eat slowly. Try putting the same amount of food on a smaller plate if you gravitate toward visual cues. Either way, slow down and really chew your food to enjoy the different tastes you're experiencing.
Cut down, not out, your favorite foods. There's no need for deprivation here, as Blatner says it often leads to bingeing whenever (not if ever) you give in. She suggests implementing strategies like "I'll have sweets/alcohol/fillintheblank in social situations and refuse to feel bad about it. Not at home, not alone."
Snack on more vegetables. We keep saying it over and over again for a reason. Not only are they super low in calories, but they help you stay healthy and feel energized throughout your day.
Dig in to balanced meals on a regular schedule. "Willpower is highest when we have an even flow of blood glucose to our brain," which happens when we're regularly feeding it, not depriving it.
Otherwise, try thinking about what might be making you hold onto extra weight in the first place. You might be surprised—these seven saboteurs definitely threw us for a loop.


What's Happening at the New Moon?
During the Moon orbits around the Earth all the time pivoted on one side, because it does not rotate around its axis. When the Moon, as seen from us is between the Earth and the Sun, its silhouette is completely hidden in the dark. At this time the moon is not visible because it is near the sun. On Earth, the new moon reigns.
There is a very important observation: the New Moon Moon for 2-3 days is on the same area of ??the sky and, therefore, in the same zodiac sign as the sun. This is understandable if we take into account that at this time the moon is closest to the Sun, and three points (the Moon, the Sun and the observer on Earth) are on the same line. For example, in the March New Moon Moon is always in Pisces and in the August - in Leo, and so on. It makes sense to remember this rule to be able to calculate in which the sign in one time or another is the Moon. Remember: 2-3 days in a row the Moon is in the same sign.

By the next full moon after the March new moon the Moon passes half of the zodiac, that is, after 14 days the moon will fall in Virgo or Libra. This principle can be extended to all the other months of the year.
If you are lucky and you are in line with the sun and the moon, you will see that the sun completely covers the moon. For a short time in certain regions of the Earth solar eclipse occurs (as, for example, in 1999 in Austria and Germany).

In the calendar, the new moon is marked black circle. Within a short time defined pulses and have a strong influence on people and animals, and plants. The one-day post at this time is an excellent preventive measure, because the body is well displayed harmful substances. If you want to get rid of a bad habit, it is best to do this in the new moon.

If this day cut off diseased trees, they quickly recover. Earth begins the process of inspiration. Pulses new moon is not as strong as the pulses of the full moon, they are more indirectly, because the change of poles and reorientation of forces in the transition from the waning moon in the young there is not as bright as the opposite change under the full moon.
From the book Johanna Paungger, Tomas Poppe "With the Moon day by day""

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