We welcome the New Year 2024
Year of the Green Wood Dragon
BEFORE the beginning of the year 2025
2012 - год Дракона
YEAR OF THE DRAGON will begin February 10, 2024
We meet the year of the DRAGON

There can be a lot of strong and sonorous music at the holiday. The dragon is not far from the avant-garde, rock and everything that makes the blood pulse in the veins with redoubled force. The movements of the Dragon are diverse, from sharp, similar to the "leap" of a snake, to terribly slowed down, hypnotizing the partner. Dances in oriental martial arts are a classic example of Dragon behavior. And even if you meet this day with a simple charge to music, you will join the rhythms of the new year. The main thing is not to sit idly by. The dragon has come for activity, so leave meditative practices for a while.
The Dragon's habitat is the open spaces, the places where the sky meets the earth and the water emerges from the banks of the river. You should not climb into the thicket of the forest or limit yourself to the space of the summer cottage.
The dragon will most likely be the main character and charmer of the evening. Therefore, it makes sense to choose a toastmaster in advance, organize everything properly and not skimp on inviting guests and choosing the meeting place itself. The only thing that the Dragon may not like is grayness and dependent goods, in short, all that has already been, was, was...
Artists and showmen have to prepare new programs. And even if the taste is a little lacking, no problem. Originality and emotions more than compensate for everything.

Interior for the YEAR OF THE DRAGON

Don't forget to buy dragon figurines and give them to your loved ones. The dragon can be made of ceramic, crystal or wood. Dragons made of gold, enamel or other metals are not welcome, as according to Feng Shui the element "metal" destroys the element "wood". Keep the figurine for yourself, put it on a shelf or attach it to the refrigerator to get to the coming year (but don't leave it in the bedroom).

The New Year is a holiday of harmony, which should be felt in every detail of the design. All other decorations for the New Year 2024 - festive decoration of windows, walls, ceiling, even the New Year's table, are best chosen in accordance with the chosen version of the Christmas tree. Then the general atmosphere becomes perfect in its completeness. And when in the room where this amazing holiday is celebrated, there is impeccable decor in its completeness, the New Year becomes a truly unforgettable and bright event. The front door can be decorated with spruce branches, placing them around its perimeter. Hang green New Year's balls in the branches, and decorate the corners with large bows made of fabric in a red and green check.

Что одевать на Новый год?
What to wear for the YEAR OF THE DRAGON?

Bright, juicy colors are absolutely necessary for the meeting of the new year. You can wear the craziest and most daring dresses, but remember, there should be at least one thread of green or yellow in the clothes. The dragon is a masquerade animal, and although he prefers green and red colors, he will like the brightest and most fantastic outfit. By the way, dragons adore jewels, because in all ancient fairy tales and ancient legends, they are the guardians and keepers of the most valuable treasures and treasures. If there is any jewelry, put it all on. The glitter of gold and precious stones will enchant the ancient animal and throughout the year the Dragon will support you with its strength and wisdom.
Astrologers and soothsayers differ somewhat in their recommendations regarding the color of the outfit in which to celebrate the New Year: some say that the festive outfit must be green, others say that it is something between black and yellow (gold). But the main and common thing for all recommendations is to shine - anyone can do anything, it can be shiny jewels, sparkling humor, dazzling beauty or stunning love of life. Moreover, you must try to "grab your success by the tail" on New Year's Eve and not let it go all year.
However, others believe that it is better to leave bright, shiny necklaces, necklaces and brooches for decorating the Christmas tree, and pay more attention to creating fantasy makeup and exquisite manicure.

год Дракона 2012
2012 - Год Дракона

Horoscope for those born in the year of the Dragon
These are birth years: 1928, 1940, 1952, 1964, 1976, 1988, 2000, 2012, 2024

From the point of view of the assessment of the personality born in the year of the dragon, he is an enthusiast who can sometimes make serious miscalculations, because he can be passionate about something. Quite proud and capable of anything. On the one hand, this person is intelligent, strong-willed and quite hardy. Many people listen to him, he has the ability to influence people. Mostly always determined to win, it wouldn't be worth it to him.

In the year of the dragon in 2024, the following qualities will increase in men - self-centeredness, eccentricity, dogmatism. The need for attention, recklessness will be especially acute, and you will want to find a crowd of admirers. Aristocracy and pride will appear. He has rather high demands from himself and others. Does not like various limitations and tries to overcome them all the time.

A female dragon similarly acquires certain royal traits. They are often women's rights activists, so discrimination of any kind can get very angry. The similarity with men in that they can achieve some success in any field, definitely cannot be underestimated. Therefore, women born in the year of the dragon 2012 quite often make a career in the business field or organize their own business. Prefers business style or just fairly functional clothes, can also overcome any restrictions.

From the point of view of the advantages of this sign, this is a fairly good level of health and vitality. Often such people simply cannot afford pettiness, hypocrisy and slander. Despite this, they can be gullible, which many people sometimes use. Quite sensitive. Due to the innate desire for perfection, they are sometimes very demanding not only of themselves, but also of others. Among the shortcomings, one can single out a certain irritability and stubbornness, frequent intemperance and intolerance. Man, woman, dragon first speak - then think. However, they can give sound advice in any difficult situation.

The Eastern horoscope notes in the character of the Dragon sign one of the properties that is not too pleasant for him - he always wants something more than what he has. This desire for the best, the highest and the ideal brings the person born in the year of the dragon a lot of trouble, and instead of enjoying a life that is usually successful by many measures, he is often sad, brooding and dissatisfied.

The first phase of the life of the Dragon sign, according to his horoscope, is usually prosperous and cloudless. He is loved and surrounded by attention and care. However, according to the Chinese horoscope, children born in the year of the Dragon are among the most armed and free-spirited, while they demand a lot from their parents, and young people - from friends and loved ones. The Dragon horoscope presents them with enthusiastic natures, which fills their lives with all kinds of events.

The second phase of life according to the Dragon's horoscope is more stable and predictable. The sign of the Dragon achieves its goals, becomes an authority for others and even a standard for imitation. Despite this, those born in the year of the Dragon are still not satisfied with their lives, it seems to them that they are losing something all the time. The search for the ideal sign of the Dragon continues, but according to age, this process becomes calmer and more stable.

Regarding the last phase of life, the Dragon's horoscope predicts happiness and well-being for him. And this is not due to the fact that he will receive the Moon from the sky, but to the fact that wisdom will come to the Dragon over the years. He will be able to realize that happiness is an internal state, and not the pursuit of an unattainable ideal.

2012 - Год Дракона
в начало
Год Дракона - 2012
The compatibility of signs of the Zodiac. Is She/He Compatible with You?
Год Дракона - 2012
в начало
Год Дракона - 2012
Подарки к Новому году...

Gifts to the New Year


For practical people will approach practical gifts: appliances, clothing, creating warmth and comfort. People romantic nature, it is desirable to choose something nice, original: decorations, unusual souvenir little things, the big soft toy, a beautiful pair of tea.

The man with the "golden hands" never hurts quality tool, a businessman - a new notebook bound in leather or expensive fountain pen, music lover - a CD with songs of your favorite artist. If someone has a family member have a hobby, it's just wonderful, because you can easily find a suitable gift.
Rich people choose a gift is always very difficult, because all that is needed, they probably already have. So friends are not accepted to give useful things, it is desirable to make a bet on the emotional meaning of a present.
If your friend has a great sense of humor, you can choose a gift with a value. Such people tend to rarely pay attention to a present material value, but always - in its meaning. The only thing that should be avoided - outright vulgarity, although some will appreciate it too.

Bouquet of sweets - a great New Year's resolution. It can serve as a basis for some spruce branches or conventional. They are densely decorated with candy and small souvenir (keychain, lipstick, brooch and so forth.). Exquisitely look bouquets, made in one color: silver, blue, pink, red.
The sky with diamonds: Buy a set of phosphorescent in the dark stars and transparent to the loved one glue them to the ceiling above his bed. You can put several well-known constellations, planets add only imagine what it will be a surprise! In addition, every night, falling asleep, he will think of you!
Live butterflies: By Indian legend, the butterfly transmits human desire heaven, and you will certainly come true. Live aerial beings become one of the brightest surprises for whom it is addressed! Just imagine: a man opens a special envelope, and it takes off from the tropical miracle when outside the windows - snow!
Gift Basket: Buy a basket and put in it a bunch of themed goodies. For example, for a sweet tooth - a few boxes of tea, coffee, chocolates, unusual cookies, cup. Basket with cosmetics items (not decorative) - a great idea for mother in law, mother, boss. Fold in the basket and foam bath salt, a set of oils, silk robe, soft towel.

Men do not like when they give: handkerchiefs, lotion or after-shave cologne with a pungent odor, cufflinks, flowers, tie, underwear or socks. Women do not like when they give: cheap perfume, soap, lipstick, cardigans with wild sizes, cups, pans, tights and jewelry.


Decoration of dishes for the new year
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