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Four days in captivity at the tiger in Survivalcraft 2.2.
Unusual predator behavior in the updated game.
As I went looking for saltpeter, it was blocked by a tiger. The story with the continuation. How I got out, see the following videos. The real story of survival.
Survival Craft 2.2. What good is the update. Menu, tool, sticks
Advantages of Survival Craft 2.2 game updates:
- the recipe menu has changed;
- one tool instead of three;
- surprise from Candy Rufus Game
Record finding of copper and coal in Survivalcraft 2.2. Video fact.
How many minerals did you manage to find
at one time in Survivalcraft 2?
Write in the comments.
Who is more?
Survivalcraft 2.2
already on desktop and laptops

Today, December 17, 2019, a game update appeared in use
Survivalcraft 2.2 on desktops and laptops. If you have installed Windows, and the game is purchased in the Microsoft Store, then neither download nor reinstall anything NOT NECESSARY. And it's all free.
Survivalcraft 2
I got caught in someone else's trap.
The trap is clearly man-made. This is indicated by the use of "grass trap".
There are questions:
- Where does this trap come from?
- Is there anyone else in this biome besides me?
- Who and when it was built?
- Do I need to be afraid of someone now?
Survivalcraft 2
Survival is a real story with a silly end.
I was looking for diamonds, but found iron and ... a leopard.

With listening to "Waltz Fantasy"
by Mikhail Glinka
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